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As it turns out, picking a helmet color was basically the final part of the design process. The Titans knew they wanted to get rid of their white helmets, but they couldn’t decide on a new color. Apparently, before picking navy blue, the team had some pretty wild ideas on the table. cheap nhl jerseys.According to NFL creative director Shandon Melvin, the Titans had multiple options on the table, including a possible mirrored helmet.  “We felt like there was something about the white helmet that didn’t quite make the new uniform design as tough and as clean and as stark as we thought it needed to be,” Melvin told The Tennessean this week. “And so we thought, well, let’s experiment with that and see what we could come up with.”jerseys from china.As The Tennessean described it, the new lid would have been a “silver-mirrored helmet with all-red flames sprouting from the fireball logo.”

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Details are scarce when it comes to the Jags’ plans for the new unis, but their revival of the teal alternate could mean they have interest in making it more prominent in their new set. custom jerseys.The Jags don’t have a particularly great uniform history and their current set isn’t anything special, so it’ll be interesting to see where they go with the new look. Just as long as they stay far, far away from their Color Rush catastrophes. Nobody needs that much honey mustard in their life. An NFL spokesman confirmed to that the Redskins were allowed to make the color switch because teams are being given more “flexibility” for Color Rush games this year. “cheapjerseys.We provided more flexibility in the second full-year of Color Rush for clubs to have the option to wear a color to wear from its color scheme,” the spokesman said.

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